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Win Gulag By Capturing Flag
Trophy System Blocks Incoming Projectile
Complete All Contract Types In A Game
Get A Melee Kill
Kill An Enemy In A Vehicle
Down An Enemy With A Knife
Get A Kill With A Killstreak
Get A Kill With A Proximity Mine or Claymore
Open 2+ Orange Chests
Execute An Enemy
Get A Kill With A Pistol
Call in 3+ Loadouts
Use An Access Card
5+ Kills In A Game
Stick An Enemy With Any Grenade
Get A Dub
Kill An Enemy On A Rope Or Ladder
Buy Back Entire Team
Burn An Enemy To Death
Revive Every Team Member
Kill An Enemy While Driving A Vehicle
Equip A Satchel, Gas Mask, And Self-Revive
Get Revived From Fall Damage
Survive A Bounty