CoD Drops

Where are we dropping?

For the sake of clarity and getting everyone on the same page, we made this app to keep things simple.

Game Mode - Battle Royale

This is Warzone's standard mode, where over 150 weapons from across all three games will be available for use. It also brings all of the familiar vehicles such as ATVs, SUVs, Berthas, and Helicopters. So all the skins you've purchased and earned in the Battle Passes won't go to waste.

Drop Zone - Airfield

Especially in Vanguard Royale, the Airfield's Runway in Caldera's southwest region could become a high-risk, high-reward drop spot in any match.

This area, including right at the main hangar, normally has more planes than anywhere else on Caldera for dogfighting, making it a must-drop spot for those looking to pilot these vehicles. If all of them get taken before those feet hit the ground, quickly pivot to the barracks, hangars, and auxiliary buildings, which can be great places to stock up on items.

Even outside of Vanguard-focused playlists, those structures can be a great starting point for building a Loadout. Just avoid the wide-open tarmac and stick to its perimeter as you sweep the area for enemy teams before moving on to another region.

Also, don't expect to stay in the air traffic control tower all game, because there is more than one way for someone to come up and bring you back down to earth.