CoD Drops

Where are we dropping?

For the sake of clarity and getting everyone on the same page, we made this app to keep things simple.

Game Mode - Vanguard Royale

Taking place on Caldera, Vanguard Royale turns Warzone into an authentic WW2 experience, including only Vanguard's weapons and dogfighting.

Vanguard's integration brings around 40 WW2 weapons to Warzone, and devs have included the Vanguard Royale playlist to allow players to try them all out in their own mode.

It also includes Dogfighting, where players can jump in fighter planes to battle it out in the skies. The devs said that to think of it like a “Precision Airstrike where you are in the cockpit, ready to rain down fire on a squad or defend yours from an enemy pilot.” Players on the ground can also jump in AA guns to defend themselves.

Drop Zone - Peak

Despite the Phosphate Mines' depth, Caldera's peak literally overshadows it as an anticipated hot drop spot.

The Peak's Crater contains three small buildings and plenty of other spots for finding Loadout items or contracts, but the real reward is diving straight into the caldera itself. Its intricate tunnel system can contain Supply Boxes, loose Loadout items, and contracts ready to be picked up, making it a great place for aggressive squads who love CQB to stock up and fight plenty of enemies at the start of a match.

Then there is the potential reward for surviving Peak traffic: the ability to rotate to anywhere on the island from its highest elevation point. For an aggressive squad, parachuting down off the dormant volcano should not be an issue — it's an extremely fast way to get around the map as you tactically pull and cut the 'chute. So long as you are ready to course correct if a squad starts taking potshots, jumping off the Peak after picking it clean could be the start to a potentially high kill record win.

Whether the squad wants to pivot out of jumping into the Crater or wants to travel up the Peak from Caldera's northern sections, the Gondola Stations are solid choices for grabbing Loadout items off the jump or for repositioning.

At the beginning of a Battle Royale, the Gondola Station on the Peak can have enough Supply Boxes, Loadout items, and contract spots to start a match strong. It also has great views out to the Runway and Beachhead areas should you pick up an early Sniper Rifle. There are even some routes from here into the caverns, where those who went straight through the Crater can be caught off guard.

If the action is too hot for the squad to handle, they can easily jump out of the station and toward the Runway and Beachhead spots, or head to the other Gondola Station right near a massive Impact Crater.

This Gondola Station down off the Peak's base is where you may want to rotate toward during a match, as it offers a well-covered, albeit incredibly obvious, way up and down the Peak in addition to potentially holding some leftover Loadout items or a contract.