CoD Drops

Where are we dropping?

For the sake of clarity and getting everyone on the same page, we made this app to keep things simple.

Game Mode - Plunder

Regular Plunder also returns with Vanguard Season 1, but specifically on the new Caldera map.

Warzone fans love this mode for leveling up weapons and warming up for Battle Royale, and weren't very happy when it was removed from playlists in Season 6.

But Plunder will still be there after the integration, including Warzone's huge arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

Drop Zone - Resort

Another landmark on Caldera's southern tip is the luxurious Royal Cabana Resort, known for its well-stocked rooms and its looming clock tower.

If squads are rushing to check in right after the drop, or if one decides to take up residence on the higher floors and clock tower, heading straight toward the hotel may not be the most effective tactic. Instead, look to the three sets of Cabanas near the Resort — two to the south, one to the north — to potentially find some Loadout items.

Alternatively, these Cabanas could be great cover for initially engaging against those from the Resort, or they can offer safe exits away from it toward the Capital and other eastern points of interest. Most likely, the circle collapse may eventually force those hogging the resort to leave for safer ground, and when that happens, having a position at the roundabout near it or in the Capital could lead to a successful engagement.