CoD Drops

Where are we dropping?

For the sake of clarity and getting everyone on the same page, we made this app to keep things simple.

Game Mode - Battle Royale

This is Warzone's standard mode, where over 150 weapons from across all three games will be available for use. It also brings all of the familiar vehicles such as ATVs, SUVs, Berthas, and Helicopters. So all the skins you've purchased and earned in the Battle Passes won't go to waste.

Drop Zone - Docks

It is possible for too many forces to storm the Beachhead at the beginning of a Vanguard Royale.

If that is the case, a solid drop spot is the Forward Operating Base on the Docks, which contains an Anti-Air Gun primed to take down bogies from the nearby Runway.

Positioned in between the main Docks area and the Arsenal, this base contains just enough spots to get a starting Loadout before heading for that first contract or to engage another squad. It becomes an even better point of interest if the Peak winds up being a hot drop, as a lookout tower provides a great sightline over to that mountain's northern face.

During most matches, the base can also be used to rotate over to the Phosphate Mines, specifically its Refinery, which can be explored in full before taking to the hills and scouting out the main mines. Alternatively, head past the ponds to the Gondola Station for a quick way up the Peak or as a place of respite before tackling squads on the Runway or Beachhead.

Those who spent plenty of hours — or even days — diving into Vanguard Multiplayer to level up their weapons may want to head for the Docks immediately.

Just off the two main Ocean Freight Company Ships tied down at the Docks is the company's Shipment Yard, which, as a Vanguard player could infer, borrows the layout from the legendary Multiplayer map Shipment.

Besides knowing this area before you even set foot on Caldera, which obviously provides a tactical advantage, the Shipment Yard can contain a loose contract or some items to start building up that Loadout. In addition, it's positioned near some potential Buy Station and contract locations, making it a solid place to lure an enemy team into.