CoD Drops

Where are we dropping?

For the sake of clarity and getting everyone on the same page, we made this app to keep things simple.

Game Mode - Battle Royale

This is Warzone's standard mode, where over 150 weapons from across all three games will be available for use. It also brings all of the familiar vehicles such as ATVs, SUVs, Berthas, and Helicopters. So all the skins you've purchased and earned in the Battle Passes won't go to waste.

Drop Zone - Capital

When Caldera's regions were first revealed, some community members pointed to the map's Capital as the "new Superstore," and we don't blame them: it's an interior dense space with plenty of opportunities to stock up on weapons, ammo, and Cash.

Those looking to drop here will want to use plenty of close-quarters tactics, using micro-movements to duck behind cover and focus on picking up Shotguns and SMGs to safely move between buildings. Its City Hall and Library will immediately stand out, but look south of here to find a ton of service buildings — a Bank, Hospital, Police Station, Post Office, and more — which can contain contracts or other Loadout items to be picked up right off the drop.

While Downtown has several multistory buildings, such as the Hall and Library, that you can use for a lookout position, none have the towering presence that can lead a lone rifle user to dominate the area. Still, they can be great spots for picking off rotating teams or taking a few moments to gain intel on the surrounding area before the next collapse rolls in.

Scenario: the circle collapse includes the Capital, and as your squad exits the plane, nearly a dozen other ones make a dive toward the Capital's busy Downtown section.

If this happens, your squad can pivot to the Docks and the Capital's south street. From the Royal Theater and restaurants to the houses leading to the civilian radio station within the Power Plant region, there is no shortage of initial landing spots for grabbing those first weapons and potentially a contract or two.

During a match's later stages, the Capital could be a hotbed for high-stakes combat. Those looking to avoid it — or reposition for a better angle — may want to head for the Docks and consider taking a risky trip along the rocks leading to the Resort's beach. These natural features offer more cover against those on the street level and a way around the Downtown area, but you risk coming up against an aggressive team from lower ground.